The Street Fashion Festival 2014



Hey Fashion Lovers,

This weekend we attended the Street Fashion Festival that was held at the Arboretum Park. It was an event targeting all fash-holics giving them a chance to showcase their personal street style. All we can say is, they brought it TRIED rather…while some brought their A-Game, others left us confused.

Either, guys had no idea of what the event was aimed at,(understandable, happens to the best of us) or, the people who were there were just revelers who found a place to picnic (Because, REALLY?!). But kudos to those whose confidence, somewhat, out-shone their outfits. We liked…



Up and coming Fashion Designers like Empera Fashion House, WK designs with their KItenge and denim mash up and Joska the Trend with their Tri-chrome theme also showcased their talent. Some hits and some misses here and there but they are designers to look out for.


PhotoGrid_1404038957574Joska the Trend Designs


PhotoGrid_1404038750566Empera Fashion House

WK designsWK Designs

There were lots of exciting activities too like games. themed photography, fashion exchange zone, Shisha, barbeque, lots of food and drinks and music.Fashion stores like Jumia, City walk and many more were also spotted in the event showcasing their products. Ya’ll should check them out.


Sidebar: Finally got to try out the ‘popular’ shawarma!! YAY! I mean…if heaven had a taste, this would be it. we’ll make sure to post pictures on our next post.

The event being new tho, had an OK turn out and has potential of being the next big thing in fashion events. All you fashion addicts need to look out for the next one.



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