Polyvore Fun: Let’s Get Creative ;-)


Hey Fashion Addicts,

We’ve decided to share a few sets we’ve created on polyvore overtime. Polyvore is a great site for you to create looks for different outfits and we find ourselves going crazy trying out different looks. Some work and others…well…not so much but we deserve a B or rather A for effort.

If only there was a way we could transfer all the items from the site to our wardrobes! now that would be AMAZEBALLS!!!

 Here are just but a few looks we’ve created. They might come in handy on one of those days that you need to be ready in 3seconds STAT!!!









Have fun lovelies!!!


You can create your own set on polyvore by going to www.Polyvore.com and signing up for an account. While you’re at it you can follow us on our profile thetweenz.
Have fun!!
What do you think?



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