The Street Fashion Festival (Part 3)-what i wore

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I took a relatively simple route with this outfit for the street fashion festival. After a very grueling search for an outfit to rock, since, like every other girl with a wardrobe full of clothes, I literally had nothing to wear but hours later,I finally settled for this number .
So I went all feminine sexy and paired this cute tulle skirt with a black lace top and played it up with an orange wedge to add a pop of color to my outfit.

I think a wedge is a wardrobe staple for any fash-holic out there since they are edgy , funky and comfortable.

The accessories were pretty much simple, I love a good bow for a headpiece, some pearly stud earrings, a gorgeous statement necklace ( which I adore btw: goes with almost every outfit)and of course my ‘shabba’ sunglasses which have a retro look.









So what do you think, did I bring it with this outfit? Your thoughts are very much welcome.

XOXO Addicts

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