Fashion Investment Pieces: The Pencil Skirt.

Personal Style

Wassup Fashion Addicts!! 

Pencil skirts are definitely some of my favorite pieces in my closet. They are sexy and quite comfortable. The secret is all in the fabric;if you want the skirt to flatter you. It is perfect for all body shapes and sizes too (imagine that…)

Anyway, for this outfit, I paired a black ,detailed ,sleeveless, halter top with a blue floral pencil skirt and some gorgeous barely there heels(not for the weak at heart).

They added some edge to the outfit to avoid the outfit seeming dull. I must add that,this undecided weather is hindering my styling prowess from fully functioning…(I digress) The accessories were pretty basic tho, a silver neck chain,stud earrings,red bangles and a black bandana to hold my hair together. LOL. This outfit can be worn both casually and professionally(to the office) Just throw on a blazer and your set. It would be perfect for an event where your required to look nice but not too overdone. its classy mature and feminine. You can pair it with almost anything and everything: cropped tops,t-shirts, literally anything.







Tip: When looking for a shoe to go with a printed outfit, pick the colour that’s less dominant on the print and pair it with a shoe of that colour. It will make the colour pop more.





Top: Thrifted. Shoes: Ragia Boutique. Belt and Skirt: Mr. Price.

Neckpiece: DIY. Bandana: Gifted.

Bracelets: Gifted.

What do you think about this look? What is you’re must have fashion investment piece??

 XOXO Addicts

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