Let’s Talk Plaid.

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Como estas Fash-addicts!

We heart Plaid! It is one of those prints that keeps re-inventing itself and is also very versatile. It is our go to print for those days you want to look good and have nothing to wear( No girl Ever Does!…Our problems are major!). Pair a Plaid shirt with jeans,or a plaid skater skirt with a cropped top, plaid pants and a cute tee,or a Plaid pencil skirt with a dressy shirt,you could even pair a plaid jacket with any solid coloured item and your good to go! There’s so much you can do with plaid and here’s a few pics to show you how to pull off that plaid look.

So if you don’t think we are over selling this trend and believe it works for your wardrobe, go ahead and try it and you will not be dissappointed. We’ll also try to put up a post on how we wear plaid so look out for that.

XOXO Addicts

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