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Hey fashionistas!!

Hope y’all are easy as Sunday mornings! Today being a flashback Friday, I thought I’d go along with the theme and throw you all a little flashback! ]

I wore this look some time ago to school.Well my combo would be categorized as color blocking,but I choose not to call it that,since the trend kind of lost it when everyone tried to experiment with every hue,tone,intensity and temperature of color in 2012 and some still seem to be stuck in it too. Lol.  Anyway so dressing colored pants is not the easiest thing to do but knowing how to style them could totally make a bold fashion statement;

A little too bold for the wallflowers among us, so it’s understandable that some would be hesitant about them. if your scared about colored pants try pairing them with neutrals like black,white,greys,olive,cognac and navy and all other neutrals you can think of! But stripes can also be fun and exciting, injecting a little bit of punk rock into an everyday outfit…I means its either you Go bold or Go home!








IMG_20140710_113920Striped blazer,Denim Pants,White high-low top: Thrifted,

Shoes: Marie Claire(Bata)

Necklace: DIY

So what do you think?Are you ready to try something out of the box? Go ahead,add some colour into your life.

Remember to keep the comments coming and look out for the next post.

XOXO Addicts!

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