Dressing For The Cold Weather!!

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Splendid Wednesday Addicts!!

So the weather has been quite dodgy recently which makes it hard for anyone to figure out what to wear. You decide to rock your warmest clothes to keep away the slightest cold from coming into contact with your skin and once you are out of the house the sun decides to shine the brightest. This goes to show that nature also does have a sense of humor. Nicely played Mother Nature, nicely played.

Anyway so we have been meaning to post something for you adorable fashion addicts on looks that would help you go through this uncertain weather keeping you cozy and warm at the same time.

So today’s OOTD is actually a men’s inspired look. I combined a long sleeved red plaid blouse, a sleeveless grey hoodie jacket, Navy blue pencil denim pants and ankle length booties.

The red plaid blouse livens up the outfit with all the colors on it since the outfit comprises dark solid colors. Dressing for this weather should not mean looking dull in any way.This look could be played up differently by adding a cute scarf and maybe swap the booties for boots if it gets too cold.
The secret to achieving this is layering. Layering, in lay man’s language just means wearing clothing that accommodates other clothing. But not every blouse is going to cut it for this weather definitely go something with a heavy material.
For my accessories I went with some red bracelets and gold hoop earring which I think did the trick. I also added a grey leather handbag which I loooove!! I’m sure all you ladies have a go to bag which you spot like practically always;well this one happens to be it for me. If a hot cup of coffee and a blanket would work as accessories, trust me they would be totally featured in my look.(I digress)








IMG_20140715_112458Denim,Plaid top,Sleeveless jacket: Thrifted,

Black leather booties: Adams Arcade,

Grey Leather handbag: Thrifted,

Hoop earrings and bracelets: Gifted

I hope you love today’s look and remember whatever the weather make sure your outfit makes a statement!
Please feel free to share your thoughts on the outfit and don’t forget to click the follow button on our page…

XOXO Addicts!!

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