Play-Suit Business!!!

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Hey fashionistas…Wassup!

Loving the support your showing us on our blog! We totally appreciate the love. So today we are talking comfort.

Call it a play suit, a romper, a onesie a jumpsuit or an all-in-one but this babies are here to stay. Play suits are the easiest thing to wear. They save you time while trying to choose separates to wear but they are also leg lengthening and chic for both day and evening looks. The jumpsuit comes in different lengths from but flashing to knee scrapping so trust me there is one for everyone.

So my weekend was quite eventful. Had made plans to meet up with my friends and hang out and the weather was quite good to me on this day so of course I had to bring out a bit of color and show off my legs since they’ve been covered up for most part of the week due to the cold. Anywaiz back to business; I needed a casual comfortable and lounging look since it was going to be a pretty chilled out event.

I decided to pair up my orange play suit which has a ditsy floral print with a green blazer which gave it a more structured and edgier look, some cute sandals to keep it girly, a grey clutch and of course tonnes of accessories. A pair of heels or wedges is also a good choice to pair up your romper with for a night out or simply to add some personality to the look.

The romper is definitely a look for the young and the young at heart. The only annoying bit about the play suit is the fact that you have to get totally undressed every time you want to use the bathroom. That just proves to be the most work.

There are a few rules to rocking a romper. You definitely want to be careful when it comes to prints and size. It’s advisable to get a play suit based on your body length rather than the dress size. A tight fitting romper never looked good on nobody, trust me. There is nothing more uncomfortable as a small play suit so make sure you pick one that’s well fitted. For those who are a bit on the edge about the length of the play suit some sheer stocking would give it a modest look.








DSC00777 Orange floral play suit: Thrifted, Green Blazer: Thrifted,

Black sandals: Mr.Price, Gold Chain Necklace: Mr. Price,

Gold Hoop earrings: Gifted, Bangles: Gifted,

Grey clutch: Random shop in town

So what do you think about the play suit? Do you think you would own it if you tried out the look? Tell us your views below!

XOXO Addicts!!

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