Tom Boy Chic-Part 2

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Wassup Fashion Addicts…
Hope your having a fabulous Friday.I know I am. Loving life each day. So today’s post is a Rihanna inspired look. Its all about rocking the sweat-pant trend. I had two options on styling them so I’ll need your help on deciding which look rocks your inner fashionista once I put up both looks.

Dressing sweatpants has become a very popular and clever trend. It is a trend that was initiated by Alexander Wang and has been embraced by people since then.

This new trend is a bit foreign in this sides of the world, though its slowly making its way into peoples wardrobes! It is hard to adjust a look that is thought of as sleeping pants or gym pants or lounging pants into a trendy look. The fashion gods though have somehow managed to turn our comfy cozy
guilty pleasure into a chic piece which can now be worn outdoors.

My OOTD can be classified as sporty chic which is pretty much a tomboy look. I went with the whole monochromatic theme with this one. I combined a grey cropped hoodie with my grey sweats,a black leather jacket and black sneaker wedges which are fabulous (whoever came up with the idea of adding a wedge to sneakers, is such a genius)! My accessories: Gold hoop earrings,Spiked bracelets and a stripped red and white bow.This look can be worn in many different ways,you can rock the pants with a blouse and some heels or even booties to add some edginess to the outfit. I will post another look on how to wear the sweatpants differently soon since we love you all so much.

Honestly the sweat-pant trend is all about the tone you set for your
outfit.The most important thing is the top you decide to wear and the
kind of shoe you decide to pair them with.
So be a good sport and try out the look and anyway taking risks is what fashion is all about right?








DSC01064Grey Sweat-pants: Mr. Price, Black Sneaker Wedges: Laddiah Brih,

Grey Cropped hoodie: Thrifted, Black Leather Jacket: Random stall,

Gold Hoop Earrings:Gifted,

Bracelets: Perida centre town,

Tell us what you think about today’s look. see you soon!!

XOXO Addicts!!!

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