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What’s up loves,

Hope y’all had a fab weekend. Mine was abit drab, almost got my head spinning from all the non-drama. That aside, let’s talk peplums. This trend has been around for a minute now and it is refusing to die. I’m not saying i don’t like it because, DUH!!! it’s obvi i’m wearing one in today’s post,

i just think it has been overplayed like, hellooo…can someone say LILLIAN MULI! I’m sure someone out there feels me. But hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Luckily, Peplums work for all body types giving you an understated elegance and classic vibe or an avant-garde and edgy feel. It’s a case of everyone’s happy. Plus, you get a free card to eat all you want at a dinner party and hide it away…GENIUS!

Getting a super statement one is a guarantee that you’ll be wearing the hell out of it! I can’t get enough of this top you guys. The checkered print and psychedelic design is right on trend giving it a sorta 1960s retro vibe. The sweater-ish fabric is thick but breathable and it’s Peplum!! YAY! I played it down with a pair of cute animal print flats and some denim pants. My go to Tote is definitely this Aolibo bag that goes with everything i wear. I love it!











DSC01187Checkered Peplum top: Thrifted. Denim Jeans: Thrifted.

Flats: Marie Claire(Bata). Tote Bag: Gifted.

Necklace: Stall in Town.

Earrings: Gifted.

What do you guys think about this look?

Leave your comments on the comment box below…

Till next time,

XOXO Addicts

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