It’s Official!

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Hello Fashion Addicts!!!

Time to talk suits! Well its been a while since I saw people in tuxedos, well since the Titanic, but today I would like to show off this classic look and how ladies can dress it.

I think every lady should own a pant suit; well tailored, a good fit and invest in at least some classic pair of shoes: a heel that is comfortable enough to give an entire presentation in and a good pair of flats. A point to remember though, HEM YOUR PANTS! I totally hate seeing those pants that drag on the ground. it just looks sloppy, cavalier and quite unprofessional. When wearing heels, the hem of your pants should fall 1/2 inch from the ground in the back and for flats, the pants should cover most of the shoe in the back without actually touching the ground.

With today’s outfit, I have decided to tread the shark filled waters of office wardrobe.

Depending on how flexible your office is about the office dress code, my look may fall under professional or business-casual. When starting off at a new company or office, it is advisable to first stick to your basic Black, Greys and Blues as you learn how people in the office, (especially the bosses), dress so as to get comfortable and easily settle in to expressing your own unique style. I decided to pair a Tan/beige tuxedo blazer with  beige cigarette pants which were a bit darker, brown pointed toe heels, a champagne chiffon top and a blue leather handbag with brown straps (which is my mum’s btw). Accessories for the office need to be kept simple and minimum since they are only there to add character to your look. So I went with a nice statement necklace, and some pearl studs. 

Professional doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create your own suit by combining similar outfits and pairing them together.  Though the key to dressing professionally goes beyond a business suit or heels and a skirt, investing in quality tailored apparel and practicing good grooming serves any person well. To express your own unique style in a conservative and elegant manner shows you not only look the part of a professional but you can walk the walk as well. 

We would like to thank Danson Sasso:the artist, who took this awesome pics for us. The shoot made us feel like we were making front page of vogue magazine. Your photography skills are just amazing!! Thanks a bunch!:-)









DSC01384 Tan Blazer: Thrifted, Beige Cigarette pants: Adams Arcade, Brown Pumps: Bata Shoe store,

White Neclace: Gifted, Blue handbag: Aolibo(Mum’s closet),

Bracelet: Gifted.

Tell us what you think about today’s look.and vote vote vote!






4 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Woo ow dia I love the blog.its soo cool. If there is a way you can arrange the picture sin the spaces left on the side instead of them lining all the way down it could be cool.then make the previous topics and titles available in every page even before clicking anywhere.mwaaaaa thumb up me like.


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