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Hey guys,

The sun’s out…Finally! YAY to that, and an even bigger YAY to my brave choice of clothing! I’m telling you, hot sunny days predispose braver decisions. All i’m thinking about now is pool parties and a reason to wear white almost always. It’s one of those colours that make you look clean, polished and well put together but why does it have to get dirty so fast! I know, Right? But being ms. Brightside, White looks good all year round and nothing says sunny days like a fresh all white look.

In this set, i’m wearing a white cut-out blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans.

I wore cobalt blue strappy heels to break up the outfit just enough to keep it from feeling too matchy-matchy! I was obviously feeling like Olivia Pope, you know when she’s back in her house and she always wears white while drinking Red wine which i don’t get because the wine would obviously ruin her white outfits but she never spills it…ok, I digress but the woman can do wrong and in white who would wanna?! I knew to stay clear of messy situations to avoid ruining a perfectly good outfit.







IMG_20140730_122637Cut-Out Blouse: Supre// Skinnies: Thrifted// Blue heels: Mr.Price//

Studded Bag: Mr.Price// Sunnies and bracelets: Gifted//

Pink Neon Watch: Ghana

What do you guys think about my look??

Leave us a comment, we’ll appreciate it.

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