Head over HEELS!

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Hello Everybody!!

So as all of you have noticed, I loooove heels. There is no denying it. All kinds just do it for me. Some may argue that its because of the height factor, which is kind of true but I actually think I look good in them and they have this way of highlighting some of my best features…my legs! I am not even bragging This legs have been complimented by many.LOL

Jokes aside, It is true that one pair of shoe can transform any boring and normal outfit into a Vogue-Chic Paparazzi worthy outfit. Like today’s outfit.

I wore this really bright pink one shoulder top with a flower detail, which looks sophisticated and out of the ordinary, and I combined it with some blue skinny jeans. The look would still look good in a pair of open toe or pointed flats or even sandals but pairing it with some heels with some snake skin and spikes detail and we have ourselves a winner!

I wont even lie walking or even balancing in heels at first was tough but this shoes are quite the opposite. They are not only comfortable but they are pretty easy to walk in. They elongate your legs and gives your bum a good lift that gives you enough confidence. and you don’t have to go through the trouble of stuffing your bag with blister pads and an extra pair of flats just in case(well unless you really have to). But as much as amping your look in heels goes, make sure you maintain your posture. Nothing looks or spells out ‘Damsel in Distress’ like a girl hunched over and doing the gully creep with heels on; It is not pretty either!

But do try this look out, it does not have to be with six inch heels you can barely walk in but a heel comfortable for you to stand in. Style doesnt have to be painful, sometimes comfort trumps everything else(Well as long as its comfort in a stylish way)!








DSC01267Pink one shoulder top with Flower detail: Random stall in town,

 Nude Heels with snake skin and spikes detail: Ladiah Brih,

Blue Denim: Thrifted.

Ciao Dolls!


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