The Art of Mixing Prints

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Hey Addicts!!

I am sure some of you are surprised by my choice of article today, the murky waters of print! Your  probably going like, Mixing prints? Are you crazy? but calm down people, this trend isn’t faux pax anymore,it is actually on now and lives on. My reason for this post is because i have seen the struggle (the struggle is real, lol).Mixing prints looks easy but it seems guys aren’t quite getting it.

I have seen all manner of pairing that has made me do double and sometimes triple takes when walking in town. The number one culprit being the kitenge patterns! Oh my days its like people just throw on any ensemble of print and then forget to look at their mirrors before leaving the house….WHY!, and just because its an African print doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply! Anyhu…let me not get emotional! Now I won’t claim to be the pro of prints,since I have had my moments with this trend, but I want to get down to basics with the fashionistas who are still a work in progress. Mixing prints is a definite DO in fashion. It embodies sophistication, ultimate lux and trendy coolness. It also shows off your creative and skillful side when it comes to pairing seperates. To nail this look try out the following basics:

1. Mix and Match prints according to colours and textures and not the prints themselves.



2. Think of stripes as neutrals that you can pair with anything e.g florals, polka dots, different stripes, animal prints, graphics, e.t.c



3. Make sure one colour repeats in every piece of the outfit. If you have a blue print on the top, you should have blue in whatever print you have at the bottom.





4. Combine loose prints with structured prints like florals and stripes.



 5. Blend small prints with large prints e.g. pair a top with small polka dots with a skirt with larger polka dots. Do Not mix two large prints together!!

nyfw celebrity sightings 3 110912

nancie mwai


6. Pair animal prints with other animal prints, stripes, and a pattern. mixed-prints-animal-print


7. The checkered prints are very eclectic when paired with different patterns without making you look like a fashion victim.





Mixing patterns artfully can be super tricky. its all about what prints balance each other and what works for your body type. Just have fun with it  while following the few basic rules i just shared and maybe next time i bump into one of you anywhere my double take will be to appreciate rather than a ‘what the hell happened’ moment!

Tell us what you think about the art of mixing prints.

You can also read about how to mix colours in your wardrobe here

Stay chic my friends!



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