Take Two!(Sweat-Pants)

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Happy hump day people!!!

No… not in that way-I meant Happy Wednesday!!! Alright moving on swiftly, I’m hoping you are all staying chic. In keeping up with my promises (I’m a lady of my word), I had promised you that id put up a post on how to wear the sweat pant trend in another way other than the Tom Boy chic look  (see here) we had previously covered, and TA-DA here it is!

While trying to strike a balance between effortless and edge, I switched up my look by ditching the sneaker wedges and cropped hoodie top for a much more elegant look. I decided to channel my inner Rihanna by pairing a simple white tee with my grey sweats and a pair of comfy nude sandal heels. This look is soooo… laid back its scary. The heels give my look a much needed sophisticated edge and sex appeal while the sweats keep it humble yet stylish. Lets face it, there is no arguing anymore; Sweats will no longer be seen as those boring pants that are only worn to the gym and indoors when its cold or to bed.They  have earned their rights as a fashionable piece of clothing. However the styling is what makes the difference!

With the tips we have shared on our blog, I’m sure you will be well on your way to being the fashionable sweat-pant queen!! That’s quite a title right? Right? Try it out and you will not be disappointed.








DSC01332Grey Sweat-pants: Mr price//White tee: Thrifted// Blue Earrings: African Curio,Westlands//Sunglasses: Gifted, 

Nude sandal heels and gold neclace: Mr. Price//

Handbag :Aolibo(mum’s closet)

Tell us what you think about the look today and leave us a comment below! Lovely day!

XOXO Addicts!


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