My Take: Men’s Fashion…

Men's Fashion

Hi fashion addicts,

Today we’ve decided to go all out and focus on men’s fashion. Truthfully, any excuse is a good enough excuse to talk about men…right ladies? But the real reason for doing this post is the numerous hints I’ve gotten from male friends about doing a post on men’s fashion. Who would have thought they’d be interested in style? So guys, this post is just for you and hopefully it helps. Ultimately there are no guidelines to what a guy should wear but ultimately attitude is everything. However,

i think there are 3 simple rules to live by when dressing.

  • So Fresh and So Clean: by this i mean being minimalistic. Keep your outfit clean simple and fresh sticking to solid colurs and simple patterns. If your not a real fashionista, avoid wearing pink or lime green. The safest and sexiest colours are navy, black, white(pure white) and grey. Don’t forget to invest in some nice cologne or Deo. There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells good.
  • Confident: You know, good posture, confidence when you speak…things like that can really be brought out by an outfit. Like Will.I.Am would say it, “Gaddamit, I’m feeling Myself!” Your clothes should be well made, not worn out or washed out and they should fit you and not skin tight Bro! Never!
  • Crisp: So what’s the difference between Guy #1 wearing an over-sized white tee with no shape and wrinkles and jeans with a super faded wash and monkey decals on the butt pockets and Guy #2 wearing a white fitted and ironed crew neck( round neckline similar to that of a sweatshirt) tee and a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans rolled/folded at the cuff? Guy #1 is probably at home playing something lame and Guy #2 is hot and prolly getting laid.  Basically all I’m trying to say is always make sure you look neat and well put together. Makes you appear classy and attractive.

I understand that men have this notion that there’s a very thin line between metro-sexual looks and what they consider a gay sense of style, but if your not willing to take risks, just interpret and integrate the looks in a way that suits you. For example if there’s a look you’ve liked but it involves skinny jean and you know you would never wear skinny jeans to save your life, substitute it for fitted pants instead or substitute a floral shirt for an Aztec, checkered or stripped shirt . Problem Solved!!

So here are a few looks you can try out:











Leather Jackets







Stripped/ Checkered/ Plaid Shirts





Varsity Jackets





Fitted (Not Skinny) Pants





Tailored Blazers and Dressy Shirts





Trench Coats



So you’re probably thinking I have an obsession with white guys, I mean thiese guys are model worthy but on the real tho, I picked a few of my favorite male style bloggers on Lookbook to feature in the post and of course my boyfriend( Hi, Stevie ;-)…lol). Here are the links to their sites. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Adam Gallagher- I AM GALLA

Marcell F.-

Stay C-

Dejon Marquise-

Mariano Divaio- WWW.MDVSTYLE.COM

Edward Honaker-

Stevie Mbogo- Steve_Homez on Instagram

I hope this post helps…will put up a post on Essentials every guy should have in his Wardrobe later.

Leave us a comment too, we’ll appreciate it.

Stay Suave, Debonair, Deluxe And Chic guys!


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