Taking Stock…



Making : A Ten Year Plan. Planning for success with the help of our Life Coach.

Cooking : Baking cakes for practice

Drinking : crazy amounts of Tea to beat the cold weather…and we don’t even like tea!

Reading: Black Girls Are Easy and A New Mode. We’ve never really liked reading relationship blogs but these two                    blogs have changed how we look at relationships plus they are really funny and captivating. Plus, were                       trying to finish reading some Novels: The Game and The Playboy…Interesting huh?

Wanting: a new pair of cute black heels.

Playing: Janine and the Mixcrate on repeat

Wasting: No time and Money cos’ lord knows we have neither

Sewing: New buttons on our new trench coats. the others were a bit drab.

Wishing: time would slow down and the sun would come up(…any day now)

Enjoying: All the free time we have to do things we love

Waiting: Patiently for things to finally fall into place.

Liking: The New ambition were having. Hope it pays out in the end.

Wondering: Why it’s so freaking cold

Loving: Blogging and the huge amount of support were getting.

Hoping: to finally make this blog major and the talk of town

Marveling: at how fast days are moving…How is it Friday Already?

Needing: a whole lot of cash. We have so many things to do…

Smelling: breakfast cooking in the kitchen

Wearing: Everything in our closet…trench coats,sweaters and jackets all day,every day! You guys, this place is                         cold!
Noticing: How bleaching cream is becoming popular by the minute

Knowing: that patience is a hard thing to master.

Thinking: We should start our morning exercise routine…calories are starting to creep up on us.

Feeling: ^ like we don’t want to 🙂

Opening: The Fashion Bomb Daily…been reading it since 2012 and it’s The best Fashion Blog EVER!


Go On and Play Along…(Taking stock idea from here)


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