Featured Fashion Addict…

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Hello Addicts!
Whats Trendy? Hope your weekend was exciting because I know mine was. Given an opportunity I’d go on and on about the detail of my awesome activities but I wouldn’t want to bore you with that! Moving on, I’ve had a bit of a guilt hit for not featuring my all so fashion forward friends on our blog(and lord knows we have many) but I have decided that its time! So on today’s post we are featuring our BFF Miss Pauline!*screams*
I wont lie with this girl we share similar taste when it comes to things fashion its almost criminal. Talk about having ‘who wore it best’ moments. So how do I describe her style, well lets say its more of daring meets elegance. How she pieces her outfits together is quite effortless. I love how she is not afraid of colour and incorporates it in her outfits be it in her African prints or the very simple colours!
We have definately taken a few style tips from her. Her looks ooze confidence and edge, ordinary is definitely not her thing. Her creativity can also be seen in her tailored outfits and her DIY pieces such as her accessories. She must be blushing from all the compliments being showered on her by me but in the wise words of some guy in Hiphop ‘It a’int TRICKING if you got it! With no further ado I present our Fashion Addict of today Miss Pauline (Jay-Pea)…
Tell us what you think about our featured Fashion Addict today!!

XOXO Addicts!!


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