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Buongiorno my fellow Addicts!
 Ive been racking my brain for a minute here trying to come up with a catchy title for this particular post.(Writers block i guess…)I thought Asap rocky put it best and why not give him credit by just doing the right thing. If only i owned half of the things he raps about let alone pronounce all those designer names without a stutter. So if this doesn’t get you then I don’t know what will.
Its one of the biggest favourite for many ladies when it comes to weekend attire, church outfits and basically anything that spells ‘chill’ and ladylike. Maxi dresses are definitely one of the must haves for every lady out there.
Most people associate long dresses with dressy, formal occasions but not anymore. It can definitely be worn anytime, anywhere and they also have this elegant aura about them;a break from the pants and short skirts .
So what counts as a maxi you ask, well lets just say its all in the length of the hem. You are definitely not getting away with hems that are above ankle length, that, we don’t have a name for, but its definitely not a true maxi. Lets try save our fashion repertoire and stick to the rules here!
The maxi has long been made to feel like it is only meant for the tall and slender,but all that hon’, is just talk. Height doesn’t really matter with this trend what matters is selecting the right style for your body, how you style it, the scale and height.
For short girls like yours truly, choosing the right maxi can be tricky without getting one that makes you look like a tent. Also avoid maxis that drag too much on the ground. For short ladies go for something that is well fitted especially at the bodice, go for a maxi that has a V-Neck, be careful with prints too, vertical and slim prints are your best bet. To enhance your height, definitely rock the maxi with a pair of heels but be careful to make the right match, not every heel will pair well with a maxi.
For the plus size ladies, Wear a maxi that has a wider sleeve to complement your upper body. Avoid a spaghetti strap. Larger prints, weirdly enough, work best at complementing your curves and of course taking the attention away from the problem areas. Solid dark colours are also the safest option since they give a slimming effect.
I recently came across this particular maxi on a weekend shopping in town and I had to have it. Ive been looking for a maxi for ages and it was quite a relief when I came across this one. I really did spend a bit much on it,but it was well worth it. It has a certain kind of je ne sais quoi! The colour is just right, the material on the dress is flowy which makes the dress seem elegant and the prints are not too overwhelming. The length of it is flattering too and I love press buttons allows you to add a little sexiness by adding a slit to the dress.
I think if you don’t already own a maxi, this article will be enough to convince you to go out and get one. It wont hurt keeping up with such a mega trend.

DSC01648Stripped Maxi:Stall in town// Gold neck chains:Mum’s closet//

Black and white pointed heels: Angelo

Tell us what you think about today’s look. Have a lovely tuesday everybody!


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