Date Ready- What to wear.

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Hey Friends!!
Hows the weekend been? Finally our strategic retreat is over YAY!!; feels nice to take a breather and take stock of a few things. But honestly speaking I had missed this streets. So part of the things that have been keeping me busy is dates! Yes people my life is this much fun. lol…One thing that makes dates feel like rocket science is always what to wear! No one wants to show up on a first date looking like you have been , through an industrial wind tunnel,seen better days or like you don’t know the Fashion Rehab exists…and worse you might walk in to find Derek Bbanga as your date. Just know you are going to make the subject of a few of his next lectures. Jokes aside…What you wear on a date actually matters a whole lot, more than any of us want to admit. True? or are we over thinking the whole thing?
Personally speaking if I am going on a date, I need to see some effort from my date. I’m not talking fancy labels, and all, a well pressed shirt and pants, a good pair of clean shoes, well done hair, a dash of cologne (not those offensive ones sold on the roadside in tiny bottles, If the date doesn’t go well i won’t be able to forget you that easily since the smell from this things sip through to your blood and become part of your DNA.), will definitely make an impression. Dressing yourself is a little bit like personal branding. It does say a lot about who you are. Trust me picking an outfit for a date for the ladies is also second nature. One thing girls do is avoiding heels for the sole reason of not wanting to be’ taller than the guy’ Its not like he is going to grow if you keep dating him. So just rock those heels and be you. You  also need to know the details of a date before time. Knowing where your date is taking you will save you a lot of embarrassment when you show up to a paint ball field in a dress and six inch heels, trust me I have seen girls show up to sporty events on dates in heels or wedges. So ladies just ask it will save you a lot of trouble.
The other important thing is your choice of clothing. Of course most guys would rather you show up in a nice red fitted dress with some nice heels; no problem with that, but what you pick should not send the wrong idea. Showing up in your turnt up, racheta club wear to a coffee date will definitely send waves of wrong ideas about you. I kid you not…guys have actually researched about this stuff. Nothing wrong with showing your fun side, just save it for another day. You don’t want the guy to know what your favorite drink is (Ciroc), before he even  knows your name or what you do for a living. I don’t mean that since your clubbing attire is in the closet, you have to be boring,  Keep it classy and stylish,simplicity goes a long way.
Here is a look that I think is date worthy. A combination of a pair cropped denim pants, a bright top, some very comfortable heels (you wont be falling over with this ones), a nice trench and some cute sunglasses will have you set for that movie date, coffee date, weekend barbeque, drinks with the friends, or even a walk around town.
Any ideas you have about what to wear on a date, please share it with us; but check out our look for today…. lovely day people.
DSC02002 Pink and Black peep toe heels: Bata shoe store// Sunglasses and Gold necklace: Mr Price//
Pink and black stripped top: Adams arcade// Nude trench blazer(on sale): Stall in town//
Grey leather handbag: thrifted // Blue Denim: Thrifted//
Gold ring: stall in town.

 XOXO Addicts!

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