The Office Trendsetter!!

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Wassup fashion addicts!!!
Hope you are all having a fab-u-lous week! So on today’s post we are taking it to the office. You can never have enough of this subject since its the most tricky of all fashion subjects. I have done a similar post on the same check it out here!
Dressing for success is not a new concept. While some women may view it as a chore, others view it as a way of expressing themselves. There’s always a challenge on whats appropriate let alone practical for the office while still staying trendy. I have read some pieces on articles on fashionable women at the workplace. one was quite catchy. Apparently women who are fashionable are taken less seriously in the professional world, with some claiming that such women are seen as being too self absorbed( Well when it comes to dressing well, I doubt that that is a bad thing).
Someone would have had me fooled that sloppy dressers would be taking the cup for not being taken seriously but I guess opinions differ.
Office attire need not be boring or drab to show how serious you are. I mean, a great sense of style just shows you have a great attention to detail. If anything this should be landing you a promotion. Haha…. Anyway, I love fashion and playing dress up is something I would totally consider getting paid to do.Kaching! kaching! I cannot function unless I am well put together. When you dress well you feel good and feeling good boosts one’s confidence and this will definitely make you have a great state of mind.
However the office dress codes has its limits. The right colour, the right fit can be very crucial. You don’t want your outfit to look suggestive or like you are obviously trying too hard. You wouldn’t want to be the topic of discussion during common past times( like tea breaks, perfect time to gossip i must say!) in the workplace about your infamous fashion crimes. Trust me in fashion not all publicity is good publicity. You either have it or you don’t.
So here’s a look I think would be great for the office and would have your photo up on the wall as ‘The Office Trendsetter'( next to the employee of the month). This faux leather pencil skirt is definitely one of my favorites in my closet. Its edgy and its fit is just right. I paired it up with a stripped button down purple blouse with a ruffled detail(one can never go wrong with this one),which was a gift from my brother from one of his trips. A pair of heels transforms the look to office chic, giving me that ‘you the boss’ look. Unluckily for the lovers of flats, with this look, flats will definitely not hack it. You could chose to wear a blazer over the blouse or a cute sweater to cover up the arms. I picked an orange tote bag for this look since it adds a pop of colour to my outfit.
So…What do you think, would this be something you would wear to work? Leave a comment below and give your two cents on today’s post! Ciao addicts!
DSC02168Black Faux Leather skirt:Stall in town// Black and white heels: Angelo,Deacon store (similar here)//Orange tote handbag: Mum’s Closet// Purple blouse with ruffle detail: Gifted(S.A)//
XOXO Addicts!!!

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