Sail Me Away…(Nautical Vibes)

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Hello Loves,

T.G.I.F! YASS!! The weekend is here…time to do crazy things we might not remember, but we still need to look good while doing them!! Right? I Digress…So, Let’s talk Nautical.
You know you don’t actually have to own a yacht to dress nautical… Thank goodness for that! But I wouldn’t mind owning one though, like a solid gold one, and there I am sipping champagne with diamonds for ice cubes as I stare at a pile of 70 million dollars while I wrack my brain trying to figure out how to spend all that extra cash…Oh, But If Only!!!

Far be it from me to tell anyone when to take their blog pictures. I mean, I know most  of the time bloggers take theirs in broad daylight but I think we’ve established by now especially with this post that I’m pretty lax on the diktat rules of what should and should not be done. Plus I feel like a bad-ass for taking pictures after sunset…No I’m not a vampire, but that’d be really cool.

The nautical trend has its cache since the ‘20s and even before that, that’s almost 100 years of style ya’ll! Go figure! When I think about it, I think of European sophistication. And who doesn’t want to look sophisticated?  No one wants to step out of their house looking like a hot mess!

The look comprises of clean lines and a color palate of navy, white, red and orange/yellow, which looks as fresh as the sea air. We all know that stripe elements always work with denim or khakis, and such a combination always makes a casual outfit look elegant and trust me a minimalist take on the nautical trend, is anything but folksy.

If you want to give your wardrobe a lift, this is a great trend to try, especially since it never goes out of style. To keep things fresh and trendy, always opt for unfussy styling in bold, primary colors (think contemporary, not vintage). Swerve this potential pitfall by adding a bold accessory (red lips, a statement necklace, on-trend flats) and – where necessary – swearing like a sailor (Lauren Laverne)

I wore this look  to go  hang out with some friends on a Sunday . Since we were hanging out by the poolside I decided to wear a sea inspired look. Yea, Yea, I know a swimming pool is no where near being an ocean or a sea, but you can’t blame a girl from trying ! Right? A girl’s gotta do, What a girl’s gotta do. So, I paired a pair of white cotton pants with a white tank top. I added a stripped sweater to keep up with the nautical vibe and some orange flats. I kept my jewelry minimal with a chain link gold necklace, studs and DIY bracelets. I also wore a trilby hat to add some fun factor to my look.









DSC02404Pants: Internacionale.// Tank Top: Derek Heart.// Stripped sweater: Forever 21.//Flats: Marie Claire(Bata).// Trilby: Mr. Price.// Bag: Mum’s Closet.// Necklace, Ring and Earrings: Stall in Town.// Bracelets: DIY.

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On a sad Note: R.I.P to Joan Rivers, Legendary Comedian. The Fashion Police Won’t be the same without you.

Happy Friday Fashion Addicts



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