Back with a bang-Oldies Making a come back!

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What’s up my fellow fashion lovers!
Hope your staying fly! So before I go ahead and tell you what I am on about today, I think I just have to put this out there; It’s Official I HAVE VERY FASHION FORWARD FRIENDS! The Fashion committee and I had a meeting.I wont even brag or be modest about it. So if you are our friend you get a gold star! Back to business… You Know fashion trends are always changing right and now its become more of cyclic kinda makes you wish you hadn’t thrown out those old clothes you wore back then because some of this looks are back! The resurgence of cropped tops, overalls/dungarees, RayBans, High-waisted and tattered jeans,baroque prints e.t.c is quite huge. Lets just say the Hoarders win this one, why? see all that stuff they’ve been holding on to hoping that one day will come back in style seems like their dreams have finally come true,in some way at least. So today’s post is all about highlighting this major trends from the 80’s and 90’s or even earlier years that you might not know are #throwbacks but are really quite fashion forward.
The Cropped Top:
This look has totally stolen my heart. I would totally be the face and butt of this trend because of how heavily i am into it. I kid you not. This look from the &0’s has made its mark on the streets,the runway, in high fashion and even on the red carpet. Its one of the most versatile looks allowing you to style it pretty much with everything. You can decide to show a bit if you midriff or go all out by flaunting your whole mid section. I however don’t think its a look cut out for everyone. But that’s just me. if you think you can rock it, go ahead
 DSC00375  IMG_0267
The Flannel Shirt.
This is one trend I am feeling.You have probably come across guys(Chris Brown) tying a plaid shirt around their waist, over their pants or waist.This is definitely a cool trend that is creating a buzz. Don’t feel restricted over what shirt you can tie around your waist. Anything goes as long as it has long sleeves.
Wow I remember this beauties from way back! With the likes of hip hop artists like Timberland,Ja-rule, making it look cool in their music videos.This durable shoe was mostly worn by people working constructions and some other serious jobs.Its rugged look is what makes it such a trend. When styled properly you will pull it off without looking like you have just stepped out from a forest or out of a time machine. You could pair the timbs with fitted pants, a trench coat, sweatshirts, a beanie and a nice cool t-shirt.
ladies timbs  Jay-Z Timbs combo13 timbs ladies
Jelly sandals:
If you have been to stalls like Mr. Price lately,you have probably noticed how this trend is becoming huge!!This clear plastic sometimes glittery sandals have definitely made a comeback. This shoes are easy to clean, come in very many colors, comfortable and quite versatile.
Solange Knowles At The Coachella Music Festival Day 1
Berkin Stock Sandals:
Now this is a toughie. If you saw this sandals most of you would never be caught dead wearing them. But these comfortable outdoorsie shoe is more of an acquired taste. I actually owned a pair when i was younger and now the are back and i kinda like them. This shoe needs a certain kind of mood, attitude, and style to look great. But you can totally rock this trend without looking like a tourist. This are shoes for both the ladies and the gents its so casual that you shouldn’t be spotted rocking it to the office, you might be a trendsetter but that’s one fashion mistake you don’t want to be making.
IMG_1545 birkins
High waisted pants shorts and skirts:
This retro look from the 80’s is definitely not being left behind. It is classy, elegant and quite sexy. This is one trend that totally goes well with cropped tops. They give a slimming effect and make you look taller while giving you a classic look. Again I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone but if you think you can pull this looks off, by all means, go ahead. Just a few tips; beware of those that are too tight,nothing looks bad and adds you to the list of fashion victims as having bulges in all the wrong places. so make sure the fit is right. Also this is a trend that looks better with heels especially the pants and the skirts.Flats tend to throw off your proportions and give you an unflattering figure but they are great with high waisted shorts.
highwaisted skirt
Leather Pointed heels:
When I think of the leather pointed heel, I think of Audrey Hepburn. This basic shoe is one of the classiest  shoe a girl could own. They come in various colors from blacks to nudes, to bright colors. This shoe looks great in everything. You could choose to go with the classic look by rocking your leather pointed heels with skinny jeans and a leather jacket, Wear a midi, body-con dress or skirt, a full pencil skirt or a pant suit. This is one trend that is unquestionably a sign of good taste.
pointy 2Images from the internet
I cant exhaust all these trends since the are quite a lot and many more are yet to make a come back. Like the mini skirts, platform sneakers, Dungarees, Leggings and tights, denim jackets .e.t.c
But make sure as much as this are throwbacks we are still in the 21st century so make sure you dress them in a modern way or risk looking like you teleported from the 90’s.
Tell us what you think about this looks and if you are already keeping up with them!
  XOXO Loves!!!

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