The Bridesmaid’s Dress Phenomenon!!!

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Have you ever been on the line up of a wedding and you were so excited, then all this excitement died once you saw what dresses the bride has picked out for you! Dresses that almost look like those city council red garbage bags? Haha!!! Guys rarely have this kind of troubles, unless someone proves me wrong, but I do not know what goes on in this bridezillas minds. Personally I am a highly sort after bridesmaid, and I have had the honour of being in plenty of lineups since I was a little girl. However there is not a single wedding that I’ve had to wear the dresses that the bride has picked out for us. ( I can be quite difficult). Some bridesmaids dresses are either purposely made to match the table cloths and boutonnieres. I,m not even hating! I often think that some brides are up to giving their bridesmaids a bad reputation.
There is no point of having your bridal party shell out lots of cash to buy a dress they WILL NEVER wear again! Some brides either don’t like their friends or are too insecure. A bride will choose the most unflattering (read HIDEOUS) of dresses with the excuse of not wanting to be upstaged at their own wedding. I do have a few dresses ( no match for Katherine Hiegl in 27 dresses) that fit this description. In all the weddings where I made an appearance with them all I could wish for was for the frigging day to end. I couldn’t wait to get out of them and I really wasn’t looking forward to seeing the wedding photos either. Before I even wore the dress I already had plans of how I would dispose it.
At the wedding all the relatives, especially from shaggz, who would compliment me on how beautiful I look in any one of those ‘frightening frocks’ made it to my list of people who would be in  the running and eventual winners of this precious giveaways! All I can say is, when planning for your wedding, make sure your bridal party is happy too. If your trying to draw all the attention to yourself (I’m talking to you bridezillas!!) putting your maids in cringe-worthy dresses is not how to go about it. Actually it might be the only thing anyone remembers about your wedding; and what about those wedding photos, Lol, this will ensure that you have to look at those horrid photos for the rest of your life. Well at least you looked pretty right!
Anyway all I’m saying is let your girl party have an input on what to wear. Your personal choices might not be impressive and really, a second opinion on colour, material, length, and design doesn’t hurt. If everyone is happy then you are happy. Let the dresses you pick out for your brides maids have another shot at life,by that  I mean they can be worn again after the wedding without them looking too ‘bridesmaidy’.  For example, the dress I have on this post is a dress I wore to a wedding. Again my sister and I were the only ones in different dresses because seriously if I was to wear what the rest were wearing…I Cant… I have tried to imagine it but nooooo…. Well we didn’t quite win on everything because, the shoes and jewellery was generously given to us(we had to be uniform in one way). but thanks to the long flowy dresses no one could see the shoes! YAY! We had our dresses made by a different tailor and we went for a maxi since they are elegant and they are flowy and easy to wear especially when its really hot. The fact that I can still rock it months after the wedding is a bonus. That’s how things should be. You may not applaud my opinions but I’m hoping all bridezillas and potential bridezillas, have a change of heart about their choice of gowns for their maids.
DSC02318Purple halter neck Sheer Maxi dress: Afrostreet Collection// Black and gold sandals(similar here): Mr Price//
Denim Vest: Thrifted// Gold hoop earrings: Gifted
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XOXO Loves!

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