Why You Should Date a Fashionista

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Hello loves, 
I’ve always wondered what it’s really like being a fashion girl’s boyfriend(FGBF). It can be overwhelming at times I know, but trust me it’s not that hard! Most of the guys right now are probably thinking, what about all the annoying selfies we have to take, the secret ploy to get us on Instagram and getting tricked to being their freelance photographers. Amongst all the selfies, blog talk and fully booked social calendar, It’s nice to be with someone who isn’t into fashion so these are just but a few of the so called ‘Occupational Hazard’ of being a FGBF!
I remember asking my boyfriend how he feels about being with a girl who’s world forever revolves around Fashion and his candid reply was that he’s always been keen on what he’s wearing when he’s around me. But at the same time he said he trusts me when it comes to buying him stuff and my opinion on how he looks in a certain outfit will boost his confidence to the point where he doesn’t need a mirror and anybody else’s opinion could find a home in the toilet- end of quote.  I think that’s a win-win sitch.
So let’s look at the positive side of things! Here are my reasons why I think you should date a Fashion girl;
  • Fashion girls look good and smell good. That automatically makes you look good too. The stares and the fist bumps you get are perfect indication that your girl is slaying and ultimately puts you on Team Winning!
  •  Your birthday,Anniversary and all other occasions would never be disappointing thanks to all the banging gifts she buys you which tops all of your homies girlfriends’ basic whack gifts.
  • Being a fashionista means she’s basically the centre of attention. It might be embarrassing especially if she rocks really crazy outfits but that just means she’s mad confident about herself. Fashion Blogger rule 101: As a Posse we are obligated to dress different from all the typical females out there. Whatever we wear is awesome. Point blank. Period.
  • Being her personal photographer may not be something you signed up for but it would be fun taking pictures of your girlfriend. Not to mention the brownie points you earn and the ‘Best Boyfriend Award’. And you also get to acquire some photography skills thanks to the endless #OOTD pics.
  • Fashionistas may be very particular about what they like which doesn’t involve the ‘Basic Girl List’, but it’s quite easy to shop for gifts for her especially since your choices are narrowed down to anything that involves fashion from shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry or perfume.
  • A fashion girl will never let you leave the house looking like a hot mess. Your outfits will always be well coordinated and put together, your shirt and tie will always match your suit and you’ll always have the right shoe for every one of your outfit.
  • Finally, You won’t have to remind her to eat healthy or do her fitness exercises because fashion girls care about how they look so being healthy is their number one accessory. Though you might end up joining her in staying healthy for moral support and all that shizz, you end up staying fit too.

Dress: Stall in Town.// Booties: Miss Kerre Fashions.// Bag: Mum’s Closet.//

Sunnies: Mr. Price.// Bracelet: DIY.//Ring and Earrings: Stall in Town.

 What are your pros and cons of dating a fashion girl? LET US KNOW.



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