The African Way!

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Insecurity. It’s in all of us. That voice inside us that tells us we can’t do something, that we’re not good enough, that we shouldn’t even try. And when we listen to that voice, we hold ourselves back in ways we don’t even realize. All because we’re scared. To take a chance. To face our fears. To see what we’re really capable of.
Hello Fashionistas!!
Yay!!!Its Throwback Thursdays on social media and just Thursday to the rest of us in the real world! I hope you are enjoying it either way. Based on my outfit today I feel it’s only right and fair to write about the African print Trend. Call it Kitenge, Ankara, and all the other names you can think of ( I’m not good  with the names myself; not even sure I spelt the names right…),the African print is quite unique. It’s part of our heritage, a little piece of who we are and no matter the part of the continent it comes from (mostly West Africa). It has become a big hit almost stealing the thunder from peplums. I won’t lie, when I was younger I thought Clothes made from the African fabric were boring, too over the top and definitely something I never saw myself wearing.
I didn’t understand why women cherished these fabric. In church you would find women dressed in all colours of the rainbow, from the top, to the wrap skirt, a scarf placed over the shoulder and some head gear to match, I bet their fashion inspiration came from our very own Orie Rogo Manduli or just watching too many Nigerian and Ghanaian Movies.
Anyhu, times have changed and as I grow up I suddenly start to embrace the trend. Everyone is trying to put a touch of African print on everything from shoes to denim to handbags you name it…at this rate I’m pretty sure I’ll see a car with an ‘African print inspired’ paint job. I’m not even kidding that’s how crazy it can get. These theme is on steroids ready to make its mark in fashion. It’s been made much more wearable since the designs are incorporating more of contemporary fashion bringing out experimental and innovative designs which I find quite inspiring.
The dress on these particular post is thanks to our talented and fashionable best-friend Miss Jane Pauline who had it custom made in Ghana. The tailor who did these should have my number ,because this is talent and skill on another level. The colours are great, the fit is just right and the A-line design was done so well that very pattern is well aligned. This is definitely someone with great attention to detail.
So let’s appreciate the fact that as times are changing things should too. The young generation have a way of rocking the African prints in a more modern and hip way. So if I find you with a kitenge dress that looks like you had it borrowed from your Aunt Lucy,don’t blame me for looking at you in a judgmental way. Modesty in dressing need not be boring especially if you are still flaunting your youth. It’s not about following trends, it’s about looking great and feeling great without doing you age,your look and fashion sense a great disservice!

African Print Dress: Jaypea’s Wardrobe// Nude heels: Mr Price(similar here)// Blue sling bag: Thrifted// Sunglasses: Mr Price

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