Re-working your Retail Rejects

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Happy Friday Fashion Lovers,
Hope your week has been filled positive vibes, No stress, No drama! We’ve spent the past week cleaning the closet, giving away or donating things that no longer fit or that we no longer wear. A clear-out was desperately needed. My sister and I are self confessed hoarders, often bagging up huge amounts of old clothes. But sometimes we wonder what to do with all the things that have sentimental value that we can’t bring ourselves to give away.
Having considered selling them on OLX, none of us seem to have the inclination to all that photography, uploading and delivering of parcels. You can see the irony in this seeing that we run a blog that requires photography and uploading pictures! However, we have no intention of flogging our costly mistakes for a few bucks each. Essentially, we didn’t really want to get rid of them. We represent92 per cent of women who cling on to stuff they never wear.

 Then we thought of a few ways we could hang on to them…and the dilemma was solved when we decided to renovate and remodel the few clothes we still felt had so much potential. Perhaps, with a bit of tinkering, those items could be turned into things we would actually wear.
 Remodeling Rule 101: Always have a good seamstress at your disposal. It’s cheap depending on the amount of work required but there’s nothing more depressing than having a dress you love ruined. Don’t forget that your seamstress is an expert on the technical side of alteration and will also know what can really bring a garment to life. But remember, it’s you who will have to wear the end result.
So, How do you Re-work your Retail Rejects? 
Here are a few pointers on what you can do with those outfits you don’t want to give up just yet:
Restyle the clothes: This can be done by adding embellishments or altering the clothing into something different or to a neater, more fashionable fit. A few examples would be making cut-off shorts out of old jeans, and ripping your jeans to give them a completely different look.
Dye the Fabric. This may be all that’s needed to take it from last year’s fashion to this. It is even an option with colors that really go together such as pastels from the 80’s.
Make new clothes. Make something that doesn’t require a lot of fabric, such as a tube top, halter top or t-shirt.
Make fabric accessories. Make headbands, hair ties, or belts.
One of the things I had re-done was this black and white dress which I wanted remodeled into a skirt and the results were perfect. I’m totally in love with it.












Dress re-made into a skirt: Mr. Price.// Denim Shirt: Thrifed.// Heels: Mr. Price (similar here).//

Accessories: Stall in Town.// Purse: Gifted.// Bracelet: DIY.// Belt: Thrifted.

Check out more  DIY tips on YouTube on how to create new outfits with your old clothes and get creative.
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Enjoy your weekend and be safe!



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