What About Brian’s Tweenz?- Things you didn’t know!

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Hello my fellow fashion lovers!
What’s good! Hope you’ve all recovered from all the activity this weekend; with rugby and all or every other kind of fun that had you ‘Turnt Up’!! I decided to do something different this time and indulge you in a possibly unoriginal yet hopefully interesting exercise by letting you in on our world. A chance to know the Tweenz, Brian’s Tweenz a bit better. I could say that we are pretty much private people but quite an open book when you ask anything about us,from us.
So behold, 10 things you may not know about Karol and Kathy ‘The Tweenz’: 

1.We are the last borns’ of four children my elder siblings being my two brothers heeey!! We have been raised by two loving parents who are the best parents in the whole wide world.
2. Yes, we do enjoy the fact that we are twins. It comes with a few advantages which will be kept secret for now. Being a twin is also crazy since you tend to attract too much attention well and the usual people who like to caption the obvious everytime you walk past them like ‘those are twins’… I still don’t  understand why they do this!
3. No people, we do not intend on getting married to twins! Who is giving you these crazy ideas?  When having small talk, people often like to throw in this particular question. Imagine how awkward it would be dating a guy that looks exactly like my sister’s husband OMG!!. Plus there is no fun in sharing similar in laws. We also have no intention of being married by the same guy. We do not even support polygamy so no thank you!
4. Brian as in ‘Brian’s Tweenz’ is a friend of ours and not the name of our father. After a very grueling tendering process for a facebook name, Brian our cool, smart and soon to be doctor won the bid and hence our catchy name Brian’s Tweenz.
5. We basically like and dislike the same things. We share opinions when it comes to style, boys, hobbies,friends… basically everything!
6. We love to sing! I can not remember a day in our lives where music was not in the equation. We have been in so many singing groups since primary that we have even lost count. We occasionally attend karaoke which had us thinking that we probably have Korean blood or in a past life we were Koreans. How else can one explain our love for karaoke!
7. Though we love to travel, our first real trip to the coast was during our days in campus. Patience is really a virtue! We hope to visit Europe one day and visit every last inch of it. Not giving up on these dream!
8. We always wanted to be designers when we grew older. Our motivation came from the fact that we would get to make clothes for ourselves for every single day of the year. Haven’t managed to reach this goal though but Fashion blogging isn’t that far away from the fashion world and hopefully we will get to design our own clothes one day.
9. We have not majored in anything fashion. Most of our fashion knowledge comes from reading magazines, watching T.V and reading fashion blogs that keep us up to date with all the current trends in fashion.
10. We have always wanted to start a blog since forever that when we finally  decided to do so our friends thought it had been a long time coming. Let’s just say we are some very ambitious and determined young ladies who just happen to be late bloomers. lol. We are still very appreciative for the positive reception our blog and work has been receiving. We promise that we wont forget all our loyal fans once we become famous. 😉
Who knew writing this particular article would be a lot tougher that it sounded. But I’m glad to share some things about us and our simple life. Check out today’s look which is a casual chic ensemble of a grey body-con skirt, a black fringe top and pointed heels.
DSC02765Grey T-shirt  body-con skirt: Stall in town// Black fringe top: Gifted//
Red pointed heels: Miss Kerre.
Tell us what you think about our look today and  don’t forget to leave a comment and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Lovely day people.

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