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Happy Monday Everyone!
Hope your weekend has been fun and drama free. The weather, on the other hand, is starting to change; and the cold season is upon us once again. However, today I want to talk about summer style reminiscent of our younger days, the TIE & DYE TREND. Nothing screams free spirit and summer vibes like it!
Whenever I think about tie and dye, my mind goes back to my childhood home science projects when we would tie-dye every white piece of clothing we owned. The good news is those days are back, albeit in a much chicer form. But I’m not talking about the kaleidoscopic swirls or the hippy-dippy, multi-color style. Tie-dye motifs have taken a subtle and sophisticated route while at the same time, standing out as carefree and fun.
This effortless boho-inspired trend has been spotted on the runway with designers like: Alexander Wang, Michael Kors and Fausto Puglisi incorporating this ‘Kitchen DIY craft gone glam’, into their Resort 2015 collections. The tie-dye trend has come a long way from its hippie roots and it has taken a surprisingly high-end turn.
So how can you make this trend modern and sophisticated? Here are a few tips:
  • Go for color, but try not to look like a walking rainbow. Make sure your Tie-Dye piece has at least one or two colors (but in the same color family). A little goes a long way.
  • Pair it with something neutral or coordinating solids for a more sophisticated look—the tie-dye will carry your whole look, TRUST!
This trend has already set my heart aflutter. I’ve decided to start stacking up on a few pieces of this psychedelic print that’s moved from a messy craft to a fully-fledged fashion statement. I paired this tie-dye maxi skirt with some heels and a leather jacket for an edgy look.









DSC02723Maxi dress: Thrifted.// Leather Jacket: Random store in Kahawa.// Bracelet: DIY//

What’s your take on this trend? Is it a hit or a miss.
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Till next time.







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