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Hello Fashion lovers!!!
What’s good? A great weekend this has been for us on the fashion rehab and we are definitely upbeat about the new week and life in general;probably due to all the exciting and eye-opening things we have gotten to learn over the last two days. So today’s post is not supposed to bore you with details of our almost amazing life, so I will get right to it. Over the past weeks we have had some friends ask us “Tweenz, why don’t  you ever write anything about men’s fashion?” Ofcourse we have done a few posts,one or two,but hey, since y’ all asked we have no option but to oblige.
It is always a complicated affair when it comes to men and fashion. Most men would rather not be bothered with particulars on what colours work best well or how to pair different pieces together to avoid coming off as boring dressers. Simplicity for them is always the safest route. A little help wouldn’t hurt when it comes to the fashion department. I will take a chance and talk about the most basic and universal piece of clothing that I believe is a wardrobe essential for every man. THE WHITE DRESS SHIRT!
White is symbolic of cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity.The white shirt has somehow taken a back seat especially in the business world with the rise of the casual blue shirts and shirts with prints and definitely more men embracing colour. The white shirt however, is among the few pieces of clothing that does not require one to rack their brains trying to find a way to style it. It is basically the poster child for style no brainers! Truth be told, a man can never have enough white dress shirts in his wardrobe. This shirts are quite flexible and can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. They go well with everything since white is a basic colour. You could wear the white dress shirt with every colour of suits, tie or pants. They look fabulous with jeans too when worn casually or a pair of shorts or even your favorite pair of chinos.
There’s maybe one…sorry TWO little things you need to consider when it comes to rocking the white shirt, it has to be CLEAN and needs to be the RIGHT FIT! No funny business here . The White dress shirt has a certain Je nai sais quoi about it; its always appropriate and there is something easy about it that makes it look perfect. It can be worn both casually and at the office. Its definitely one thing every fashion forward guy and the shopaphobic guys should consider buying and owning.
Here are a few looks just to show how a white shirt can go a long way in making a guy look debonair, dashing ,sexy and fashion forward.
white shirt5
white shirt biz
white shirt....(Images sourced from the internet…)
Tell us what you think about the men’s white dress shirt.Do you think its an essential for every guy to have?Leave us your comment below,share follow and like us on facebook at The Fashion Rehab! Lovely Monday…

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