Trench Tales!!!

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Hey Fellow Fashionistas!!!
Lovely Wednesday! The time is here for us to bring out our favourite piece of outerwear that has been trending recently; the classic trench coat. It’s incredibly versatile, going with most outfits, and is a great investment piece that will be in style for years to come. If there was an award for Most Dependable outfit, the trench would win it hands down! The trench coat has always been the perfect compliment to formal wear. Whether thrown over your suit or worn as an alternative to the usual blazer, this piece keeps your clothing  looking pristine on your way to the office, and the commute home.
I am big on personalizing my work outfits. Staying away from the usual is definitely one thing I like to do. There is nothing wrong with looking good and well dressed for the office. Forget the crazy notion of not ‘outshining your boss in terms of dressing(crazy notion). You are not to blame for their lack of style so definitely go all the way and channel your inner fashionista.
Investing  in a classic luxury item, like a trench, whose value will ultimately be spread over time is never a bad idea.  Like all clothes, the number one rule when buying a trench is getting the right fit. Length and colour are also important. For work you should opt for a full length trench coat- it can be the difference between turning up at the office looking professional and ready for work, and looking like a drowned rat. As for colours, the choice is totally up to yours, so definitely be on the look out for that.

“Half the battle when it comes to dressing well is feeling good in what you are wearing.”

Wearing your trench over your formal clothes is a great layering technique. The coat is the statement piece that transforms your entire outfit to a more elegant, sharp, structured and refined look.  My ensemble today brings out all this great aspects not forgetting my inner ‘french lady’. I paired a detailed white blouse with a houndstooth pencil skirt and some pointed toe heels and over it, a black trench coat which added a nice finishing touch to my outfit. I also accessorized by adding a brooch to my coat to add some pizzazz to it.The beauty of this look is that each piece stands out individually.
Don’t shy away from trying out new styling options. If you don’t already own a trench coat, I hope today’s post has convinced you enough into creating room in your wardrobe for one. There are plenty of them to choose from in every corner of town this days,  so you don’t necessarily have to break your bank on the hunt for brands or designer coats but if you can afford one by all means BUY IT and another for me too( a beige coloured one would be perfect and we would instantly be BFFs!)
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DSC02842Black Trench: Stall in town// White detailed sleeveless blouse: Gifted// Houndstooth skirt: Gifted// Blue leather bag with brown straps: Aulibo (similar here)// Brown pointed toe heels: Bata shoe store (similar here)// Pearl Necklace and Pearl earrings: Stall in town.
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Thanks for dropping by. A happy hump day to you all!:-)
Karol and Kate Tweenz

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