The ’90s Shirt Wrap Trend

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Wassup Everyone!
Grab your flannels, because grunge is back baby! Trends from the ’90s have been making their way across runways and street style from Crop tops, jelly shoes, high-waisted shorts, to beanies, and all that she-bang. And the latest? A button-down shirt tied around your waist. Think Chris Brown’s “Loyal” Video (Those dance moves give me life btw!).
Anyways, While flannel and plaid shirts are certainly at the forefront of the waist-tie comeback, other items like jackets (denim, leather, varsity), other types of button downs, and bulky sweatshirts are being used too.
The 90’s grunge trend typically involved wrapping plaid flannels around ripped jeans with either Doc. martens boots or a pair of converse trainers. But currently we’re seeing tied shirts paired with polished staples like heels, tailored shorts, or mini-dresses, lending sleeker outfits a singular casual touch.
But how do you rock this trend? Here are 3 ways you can wear it:
1. Wrapping the shirt around your jeans.
This is the most common way to pull of the shirt-wrap look. Pay attention to the color of the shirt, either have it match the colors of your outfit to let it blend in or pick a very bold color to make it pop! Plaid patterned shirts look great when wrapped, but don’t be scared to try out other prints too. Add a biker jacket or a beanie for that grungy feel and relive the 90’s all over again. As for shoes anything goes. Feel free to mix it up with flats, boots or even high heels.


2. Wrapping the shirt around a skort.
The skort is such a statement piece on its own and adding the shirt-wrap makes the waist area even more eye-catching. The key to pulling of this look is to add a basic neutral colored top or sweater to tone the outfit down, because less is more!


3. Wrapping the shirt around a dress.
This a great way to achieve the casual-chic look whenever you feel like wearing a dress, but don’t want to look too sexy. Be careful though, this look won’t work on all types of dresses. We recommend wrapping your shirt around a body-con or a t-shirt dress for the best result. To create some contrast try wrapping a denim shirt around a colorful dress. For a more harmonized look pick a shirt that has the same color as your dress.


So you’ve got the trend down to a T but you don’t want to knot it up wrong and risk looking like a frumpy time traveler Right? Here are a few rules of thumb that will have you looking fresh all day in this trend.
Tie it low around your hips. Think hip-hugger jeans, not high-waisted shorts. A shirt around your actual waist, especially one in flannel or denim, can add a lot of bulk.


Use an oversized shirt. You can score one from your brother/ boyfriend/ or male friends. Look for something that hangs almost to your knees.


Don’t be tied to the direct ‘90s Reference. Break away from plaid, flannel, or a combination of the two. Floral? Striped? Plain white? Keep an open mind as you raid that closet. Also,you don’t have to pair it with Doc Martens, or ripped denim. This look works well with bohemian styles and modern trends, too. It’s the perfect way to hold snobby outfits responsible or words to that effect.


Look for soft, worn-in fabric. You’ll want a fabric that will drape nicely around your body and float around in the wind when you walk.


With these rules, Now you can look like you walked out of Chris Brown’s “Loyal”  Video(Cue Music)


So what are you waiting for? Dig in your closet (or your boyfriend’s *Hi Steve…LOL) to find a shirt and start wrapping it around your waist!



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