Wedding Vibes!!!!

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Hey guys! It’s been a long minute! Hope you had missed us. Anyway a lot has been taking place and maybe that’s a good excuse for our silence, but not to worry, we back, so do not fret!

Time is  moving fast and we are definitely not growing any younger. There is nothing that serves as a good reminder of this fact like watching your friends get married, have kids, start working and the whole cycle of life,but let me not get all emotional about it since we all know we are not going to be 18 forever!(which sucks by the way).

A friend of ours got married recently, Congratulations to the couple, and we had the opportunity of attending the wedding.Just for those who think this isn’t a big deal, you should know that The Tweenz are highly sort after wedding guests.I digress, but anyway, such events offer a chance to meet new people, make friends and probably network. The hardest part to this is how to approach someone you fancy and probably even get their number which proves somewhat daunting to the average person.

Moving on swiftly, this guy approached us with the usual opening line that went somehow like “Hey, are you two sisters?, Twins?” Which was then followed up by “Who is older?” Seriously I have no problem with answering these questions but being a twin, these questions tend to become a part of your life and the answers start to sound rehearsed. Anyway so you could tell the confidence on this guy was from here to china considering he was trying to chat up two girls at a go.

This is the move that did it for me. After much chit chat about the weather, food and the subject about being a twin, The guy asked if he could take what he called ‘a groufie’ with us! Usually I wouldn’t just take a picture with just anybody but since he looked like a pretty decent guy I thought why not? whats the worst that could happen? So we snapped away, did one with the signature duck face, gang signs e.t.c. After all this in an effort to get a number he asked if he could send the pictures via whatsapp! This is one classic move that happens to offer a lifeline to any guy trying to score a girls number,a smart one too. But thank god for bluetooth,it gives you the opportunity to turn down a guy politely without bruising his pride.Not a winning model in getting a girls number but hats off to the guy he did try right?

All I’m saying is the skill to chatting up a girl that’s probably outside your comfort zone needs you to be on your A-game . The average guy would usually get somewhat buzzed on what I like to call coping mechanism/confidence in a bottle, to get the courage to approach a girl, talk to her while hoping for the best. How guys manage to do his kind of stuff is beyond me, tempering rejection with a smile, sucking it up and moving on to the next.

What was that move you tried on someone to get their number? Share it with us on the comment box below!

Let’s catch up with my look for the day. For the wedding, I chose this print maxi with a halter neck, paired it with a pair of pink and black heels, a black leather jacket, (in case it got cold) and an envelope clutch bag to top it off.








DSC03204Print Maxi dress: Thrifted// Sunglasses: Mr.Price// Pink and black heels: Bata shoe store// Clutch bag:Thrifted// Black leather jacket: Random stall in town.

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Lovely day y’all!


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