It’s Christmas Eve!!!

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Hello fashion lovers!!

Merry Christmas eve to you all. The season is back again and though it’s a bit cold on this sides of town not because it’s snowing, but the rain suddenly decided to pull a one on us and now I’m stuck indoors watching the T.V Christmas specials (which are mostly repeats of what they decided to show last year) ,but I’ve learnt not to expect much from Kenyan t.v as there is simply nothing much to watch.

With Christmas just some hours away, I couldn’t help but notice how the whole Christmas spirit has been fading away little by little with each passing year, which is quite sad if you think about it. either people have been overwhelmed by a season that seems to promise more than it can deliver or the usual Christmas traditions are becoming a bit too cliché for everyone and no one is quite eager to indulge in them, maybe its just in Kenya or maybe the lack of snow on a Christmas day in Kenya or Africa in general makes it less ‘Christmasy’!…my opinion and observations again might be wrong.

Anyway my deal is the traditions of earlier days are still there but very easy to miss since people have decided to branch out into more 21st century methods of celebrating Christmas. Some would ask ‘what right do you have to be merry when you’ve been broke,or haven’t accomplished much in the year 2014?’ but if you are able to sit back and look at all the small but great moments that have made the year a little less miserable you will have something to be merry about. However great of a change the holidays have seen, make sure you spend it wisely to spread good cheer;even though it’s the one time of the year where you are a christian, the only time where all the friends you haven’t talked to or seen the whole year finally get a message from you, the only time when you are actually the nicest or it’s just another day in the life for you, it really doesn’t matter just make sure it becomes the best part of your year and keep the Christmas spirit alive!

There are more aspects of Christmas than a diamond has facets. There are facets of faith, of fun, of love, presents, family, time, affection, and spirituality and more.
A holiday with such an array of variety is hard to be found any other time of year. You should take the best parts of Christmas and enjoy them to the fullest. Only let others see the facets they enjoy without limit. There is something in Christmas for everyone. So, enjoy the fun and the facts of Christmas, they do not contradict each other, but blend together well. Christmas has done me good and will still do me good so I can confidently say a Merry Christmas to you all!!

Back to my post for today. I bought this beautiful print jumpsuit from Mr. price and wore it to a friends ‘Ruracio’. It was the perfect choice since it was not only appropriate and decent for a place where an older crowd was expected but it was chic and trendy and i still managed to make a fashion statement. I paired it with a black leather jacket, some black pointed heels and a newsboy bag to add some extra  character to my outfit. I added a black waist belt to cinch my waist(which is optional). My look was totally on flick!!For the accessories i kept them simple with a little gold chain, some bracelets and some simple earrings. This helped in not taking so much attention away from the outfit. Check it out…








Print Jumpsit: Mr. Price// Black pointed toe heels: Bata shoe store// Newsboy bag: Thrifted//Gold earrings: Gifted// Black waist belt: Thrifted.

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❤ XOXO! ❤

One thought on “It’s Christmas Eve!!!

  1. Hey dearies
    That is an awesome post. You guys have great content. I wish you would however re-organise the blog and do sth.different with the hair next year. Be bold and be the icons you have potential to be. Love

    Liked by 1 person

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