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A new year means new things right? Well, not necessarily in fashion! Some trends that made a mark in 2014 could easily see their way into this year. So don’t go throwing out all your clothes out just yet, here’s a roundup of what trends 2015 will have in store and what it will be borrowing from last year.


The Cropped top and the midi skirt duo.

If you haven’t already joined this parade then this year would be a great time to start. Cropped tops are definitely not going anywhere. Pairing them up with bandeau midi-skirts has been the look for 2014,  though we foresee some slight changes to the trend  this year with fashionistas opting for more fuller A-line skirts.

Khloe Kardashian brings her sexy curves to Kourtney's baby shower

Sheer, Sheer and More Sheer

We have already seen our fair share of daring and outrageous designs from this trend (Think Rihanna at the CFMA awards) and more is yet to come. The sheer trend is a fighter and its time is not yet up! So we are definitely expecting to see more bold looks this year.

Sheer trend


This has to be the most consistent trend we’ve had for a couple of years! We’ve seen a lot of all Black or all white everything or in a mixture of both, but this 2014 trend also had a bit  of diversity  with the denim on denim looks incorporating the monochromatic trend. This year however, expect to see different color combinations from Reds to forest greens and baby blue hues.



From the bold plaid trends of 2014, the New Year will be the year of smaller but brighter patterns like Gingham. Remember your checkered primary school uniform? Yea that might become a trend, but in a more fashion forward way of course.



Looking for a comfortable look, a break from the usual ballet flats, well sneakers are now chic. This is the latest go-to shoe for everyone this year. The sporty trend is becoming more and more popular and designers are cashing in on it. From the wedge sneakers to the regular trainers, the shoes are coming in more stylish designs and bolder colours. We expect to see them make it further along into the year.

sneaker trend

Sweater Dresses

Now hold up I’m sure you are all thinking this is the most crazy idea considering the temperatures recently have been outrageous. I swear I have turned three shades darker since the year started; but this trend might be one to watch out for this year. They are cute,affordable and quite sexy. Now knitting yourself one is not what we are rallying for but if you can do a good job then by all means do it. We are all for cutting down on costs!


Destroyed/Distressed/Ripped Denim

This is one look some people would rather want left in 2014. I mean why spend money on something that’s ruined right? I feel you,but fashion has its own rules.Nothing tells your story like your destroyed jeans. Delightfully destroyed. Devilishly destroyed. Destroyed in the pursuit of happiness. You shine through and make a statement. All I can say is, Choose your degree of destruction and never look back.

JEANS SUPER DESTROYED - 01  Images: Courtesy of the Internet!

So turn up the temperature and sizzle in style in this New Year and step out looking fierce in these hot trends!

Happy Chic New Year!




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