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“People will stare…Make it worth their while!”

Hello there! Lovely Thursday to you all. The first month of the year is finally bidding us adieu and well I don’t know if I should be excited, considering that I have so much to accomplish this year, I guess I’ll just have to keep up right? Anyway I decided to do a bit of venting today and discuss the fashion crimes that we are subjected to on a daily and in the wise words of Elsa Schiaparelli, “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous”…and we are living in difficult times but I’m not so sure she was referring to this though! Every day we come across some pretty extreme outfits everywhere we go from our very own fashion victims. Today we shine a light on five awful visual assaults that our eyes are subjected to that should help us all discover the critical areas that need to be polished to perfection. So here goes…

This is more of a beauty crime rather than a fashion crime but it seriously can’t go unmentioned. While girls are talking about their eyebrows being on FLEEK, others are going all tweezer happy with over plucked eyebrows that are simply cringe-worthy, leaving them with permanently surprised faces. I still don’t understand why us girls go through all the trouble of shaving off our eyebrows only to draw them back on?!

The Sheer stockings and top faux pas.
There is a 90 percent chance you have probably come across this get up. Girls have totally pushed boundaries and have replaced tights and jeggings for stockings. This looks comes off as tacky and inappropriate and should be banned for life. It’s that WTH look which always leaves us wondering if one owns a mirror or who her friends really are!

Undergarment nitty gritties
Investing in a good pair of fitting undergarments is essential for any girl out there. Visible panty lines are not sexy at all. Well, let me just say this much – if you’re going for a flawless look,avoid this. Insist on undergarment of the right size, correct bra cup, correct band size and panties that actually fit. There is a whole range of undergarments which will give your look a smooth finish. Consider seamless and spanx-like undergarments that will really make the finished look smooth, wrinkle and bulge-free. So check on this…

The Wrong fit.
I see a lot of people wearing clothes that do not fit, either their clothes are too small or too big or a combination of both. Some of you dont even notice you are doing this. You are totally blind to it! If something doesn’t fit, then it never looks good, no matter how hot you think the item looks on the rack. Well-fitting clothes will complement your body, whereas ill-fitting ones will draw attention to your problem areas. Fit is such an important aspect of style.Get your body size right and go for more fitted and tailored clothes. Resist the urge of wearing clothes that are a size too big or too small as they make you look tacky and do not help build your confidence at all.

Wearing unflattering colors

I know we can all get a bit lost when it comes to knowing what colors will work well on us. This are a few things that set apart the good dressers from spectacular dresses. It’s more of a trial & error process. Learn what colors flatter your skin tone.The wrong color can make you look tired, blotchy or even play with your skin tone in a really cruel way, regardless of how trendy it is.Take time and find out what colors look best with your skin tone.

Back to today’s post I paired this cute faux leather skater skirt with a classy white blouse and accessorized with a red brimmed hat for some edge, a beautiful bubble necklace, some bracelets and rings and a classy pair of black heels. This is one of those casual yet chic looks that never goes wrong!











Black skater skirt: Mr Price// Black pointed toe heels: Bata Shoe store// Red Brim Hat: Jade collection//White Blouse: Thrifted// Cluth: Mum’s Closet// Bubble Necklace: Mr Price// Accessories: Stall in town.

What are those fashion mistakes that send chills down your spine that you think everyone should keep away from? Share with us on the comment box below and definitely click on the follow button to get more fashion updates from us.We always appreciate your feedback.



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