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 Happy New Week Loves!

How are you all doing?! Still prepping for Valentines day?…Love is in the air, for us girls at least. I’m not sure how men feel about valentine’s day tho’ or the month of February for that matter. Must be one of those dark days for them! And speaking of dark, Black seems to be my go to color these days. I find myself picking out something black to wear every time I’m dressing up it’s RIDICULOUS! But, I love black. It’s easy to wear, elegant, it’s always stylish and oh, let’s see, it makes you lose a couple of pounds in an instant! WIN! 

So,you guys have seen this dress before. I wore it on a previous post and promised to do another look in it. If you haven’t seen that post, here’s the link(Click Here). From a chic street look, I decided to channel Nirvana/Kurt Cobain by transforming my look into gritty grunge style. I’m sure you’re thinking, “but where are the plaid flannel shirts, graphic tees or rumpled jeans?” Well you’d be surprised to know that Grunge borrows a bit from Goth fashion and that’s where i got my Inspiration from with all the attitude and artistic expression.

I loved the overall outcome of this look. By adding a wide brim Fedora, some round sunglasses, a leather jacket and some booties, my grunge look was done and now i feel like I should embrace my inner subversive stylephile a bit more often. Thoughts??











DSC03622Sheer Black Dress: Simple Fashion(Similar Here).// Lita Booties: Miss Kerre Fashions.// Leather Jacket: Thrifted.// Sunglasses: Stall in town.//
Accessories: Stall in Town.

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