Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Hey beautiful people!

We’ve been lurking through Instagram, Fashion blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for what to wear on the weekend for valentine’s. Not everyone has a date or is dating, we understand, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and jilted or depressed. dress the part and who knows, you might meet someone nice this weekend.

We came up with a set of outfits that may inspire an outfit for you this weekend,

whether your going out to dinner, the movie, on a picnic, a trip out-of-town or out for brunch with the girls. The whole idea about the inspiration is not necessarily meant for you to break the bank, but you might own something similar or of the same colour in the sets and with the sets as a blue print it can help you figure out how to pair a specific colour, dress, top, pair of pants or shoes. It’s really easy. Note that we haven’t used Red colours only so don’t freak out if you don’t like Red, get creative and use an alternative colour.

Let’s get to it then.



The first look is a simple casual look comprising a maxi dress, sandals, a floppy brim fedora, a tote bag and some aviator sunnies. This would be a perfect outdoor look for a picnic, the beach, or brunch or lunch date.



This look pairs a denim or a chambray shirt with a full A line tutu skirt, simple jewellery, a leather jacket and some heels with a matching bag. This would be a great look for a lunch date with the beau or even a casual dinner date after work.



How’s this for a date look? A little White dress accessorized in Red and Black. It’s a dressed up look meant for a dressy affair like a date night or a romantic dinner.



This would be a perfect look for a trip out-of-town or brunch with the girls. Pairing structured pants with a colourful top or a basic coloured top with either heels or flats, it makes for a comfortable chilled out look.

So what do you think of the looks? Would you wear any?? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Hope this helps. And have fun prepping for Valentine’s. Follow us on Polyvore at thetweenz.


The Tweenz

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