How to rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(3)

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Its a fabulous new week isn’t it! Recently,we’ve been keeping you posted on our thoughts about the 90’s revival trend that is Ripped jeans and today we feature the last of this look. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback on the latest features for this trend and all the love is quite overwhelming and very much appreciated. This trend is mostly associated with the rock n roll era, with bands such as the Ramones making it quite popular. 


Ripped jeans: Mr Price//Black leather tote: Aolibo// Black and White pointed heels(with snake skin detail): Angelo// Faux fur vest: Thrifted// White V-neck tshirt: Thrifted// Jewellery: Town 

Photography by Jared Maina


For this look,I paired my pants with a white printed tee for a casual look then for a little sophistication, held my hair back in a ponytail and accessorized with a beaded pearl necklace and some studs to match and glammed it up with some heels, a faux fur black vest and a tote bag.


As time goes by, destroyed jeans have reached fashion icon status, and those who wear ripped jeans are usually not looked at as being poor or rebellious. Designers are cashing in big time with this trend, with a pair of ripped jeans going for way more than a regular pair of jeans.

cc38So whats your opinion on this trend based on the posts we have done so far (See here and here). Is this a look that you would wear?Do you think it’s classy or trashy? My vote goes to CLASSY!!…I think that when it comes to styling,the devil is in the detail. Tactful styling is paramount lest you end up looking like a not so cool hippie!

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