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Happy new month to our faithful readers!

There’s always some place we all draw our inspiration from. I don’t think you’d get better at something if you didn’t already have someone that’s setting the pace for you. When it comes to fashion, our go to guide is definitely other blogs. There’s always something new to learn…from current trends that are all the rage in different seasons or the ‘IT’ thing bloggers are into at that particular moment. Locally, we are in love with Nancie Mwai, Anita Gaitho and Joy Kendi. Their style is definitely something we identify with and we draw a lot of inspiration from them. But today, we have decided to do a quick post on our favorite international bloggers who we’ve been following for the last, i don’t know…six years or so!I know right? that’s a pretty long time being on the internet but when you love fashion, like we do, you just can’t help it and I guess that’s the true definition of a fan, constantly stalking their page to see what’s new. We have learned a lot from these bloggers and that’s where we draw our inspiration from! Their fashion sense is pretty rad if you ask me! So here’s just a few of the many bloggers we are obsessed with! Talk about ultimate fashion goals! Closet envy aside, you can click on the links provided to check out their blogs.

  1. Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific


2.Elizabeth Keene of A Keene Sense of Style


  1. Flavia Desgranges of Fashion Coolture


  1. Mayo Wo of Mellow Mayo


  1. Camille Co of Camille Tries To Blog


  1. Kryz Uy of Thirsty Thought


  1. Lauren Uy of Break My Style


  1. Lida M. of Fashionista Talk

fashionista talk

  1. Silvia Postolatiev of Postolatieva


  1. Ashleigh of The Daileigh


We would like you to share your favorite bloggers too. Who do you draw fashion inspiration from?

Thanks for stopping by!

♥ XOXO ♥

The Twins

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