Winning in White (LWD)

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Hello people…

Whats good? Happy Easter! Hope you are all enjoying the long holiday,which will be ending tomorrow unfortunately! Yeah, Sorry had to burst that bubble for the early risers. At least you got enough rest right?…That’s all that matters.

Speaking of fun times, I got down to checking out photos from way back this weekend and couldn’t help but notice some few awkward fashion moments. When Drake wrote started from the bottom, this is the situation he had in mind!…I kid!


It’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around ones fashion choices, though ours weren’t too bad, I bet for some of you, it wasn’t a really inspiring journey! Remember the days of hipsters, spaghetti tops,(think Nonini’s Manzi wa Nairobi video), tie and dye skirts suits with the slits on the sides or those tacky denim suits with the long jackets! What, who even came up with this genius ideas for outfits!? I wouldn’t manage to exhaust the list of all the bad outfits that girls were crazy about because god knows they were many and there is no point in reliving them…Bygones!!!

Anyhu, I’m sure that not all of us shared those painful memories but hey I’m sure we all had our moments!! I still don’t believe I spend a good share of my pocket money and had a knack for buying some of those clothes I bought. Wish you would get a front row seat to my bad decisions in fashion back then. LOL

18Photography by Jared G Maina

Little White Dress: Thrifted //Black strappy heels: Aldo //Green clutch with animal print detail:Betty Fashions // Accessories: Dubois road // Sunglasses: Mr. Price//  Makeup:Sleek 



Back to my white outfit, I paired this Little white dress (LWD) with some dressy black shoes.I kept my accessories simple by rocking a cute clutch and some cute accessories. This look is pretty simple yet chic. The LBD has definitely been outshone by the LWD. So don”t feel shy trying out this trend.


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