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Happy Friday Loves!

Allow me to wear my heart on sleeve today and let you in on a thought that’s been weighing on my mind . Maybe most of you can relate and maybe some of you it might not make any sense at all.
Growing up, everything in the future seemed like a clearly set out plan, finish school, get a job, have a great career, start a family, you know, be successful. It was pretty much cut and dry. Fast forward to now and I’m totally stumped over what my 20s will bring. Do you guys ever think about that? Like what you had planned out as compared to where you’re at now? It’s crazy how much a few years can change a lot make you completely different!16Photography: Jared G. Maina.

Sweater: Thrifted.// Tights: Gifted(UK).// Booties: Miss Kerre(similar here and here).// Bag: Thrifted.// Hat: Thrifted(Similar here)

We talk a lot with friends about how we all thought we’d have it all figured out by the time we were in our 20s but as time goes by, the dreams become a little more elusive and kinda hard to reach especially when the people around you seem to be having it all. It can be a pickle when you dream of accomplishing so much more, and feel like time or luck is not on your side. We are all different, and as much as there are no rules in life that define your disposition or default setting, it’s clear that while some may be at their prime, others are at the beginning. It’s great to have goals and ambition it’s also nice to take a break, not stretch yourself too thin and enjoy the ride to the destination.

I came across a quote that said,  And the more I think about it, the more I see how much sense it’s making to me at the moment. I’m choosing to stay positive, not think about it, take it all in and try to see the beauty in every detail. So, if you’re merely coasting through your 20s, remember that this is just the beginning of a future to come maybe even a few months from now.
Happy Weekend Everyone!


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