Fashion Rehab Flashback: The Shirt Dress

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Good morning beautiful people!
My sister and I decided to re-visit our blog and dig up some old posts that may have drowned in the abyss of space and time. So in the spirit of Flashback Friday…here’s a little flashback to a post we did a while back featuring a shirt dress.(See Here)

DSC01659When we started blogging it was so exciting putting up new posts every other day but trust, when life happens it can become tough to juggle a multi-faceted life and being a blogger is one hell of a commitment. So, between work and life we haven’t been as consistent as we would want to be . It’s really fun reading up on old posts. It’s amazing how we’ve grown in the past couple of months in addition to looking different and trying to re-invent our style, ever so often. Anyways, we have come a long way and we are choosing to focus on the good…AND, it’s Friday, so cheers to that and have an amazing weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by.
The Twins     







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