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Hello readers,
It’s crazy how time flies… We are finally in the month of May and there is still so much to achieve before the end of the year, so much to do yet so little time! Seriously a girl just wants to have funds…Sigh!
Let’s not dwell on things we can’t really change or control and get right into today’s look. Well you all know I’m big on short flirty skirts with a bit of an edge and the skater skirt takes the trophy when it comes to this. The shorter the better! In keeping up with the spirit of being bold and fun while staying away from boring and frumpy, I tried to keep my outfit live in color while still sticking to the basic hues.


26Top: Thrifted.//Faux Leather Skirt: Thrifted.//Strappy Heels: Mr. Price.(Similar Here and Here)//Tote bag: Gifted(Similar Here).//Belt: Mr.Price(Similar Here)


So check this out, my pairing for this outfit was a cute red/orange cut out top with a floral detail, I combined it with a faux leather skirt (my favorite wardrobe item currently) which I got for quite a bargain I must add! No wonder I love shopping so much. With such great bargains and awesome clothes to choose from how could you not love it! #Fashionaddict for real!!

23For a more polished look, I chose a nude strappy shoe with a chunky heel. It is quite trendy and if you are not a fan of six-inch heel this would definitely be a shoe to consider.


My accessories were kept simple though I wasn’t quite sure if my choice of necklace was necessary (still not sure about it till now) Fashion choices can be really tough! Maybe it’s due to the detail on the top’s décolletage, that wearing a necklace with it takes away from the look. But I guess it did work eventually…






Anyways, what are your thoughts on my OOTD! Do you like it? Leave a comment below and definitely don’t forget to stay tuned for more look.

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