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When I first saw this skirt, I had my need for instant gratification on over drive! I love leather, well, you can tell from the numerous blog posts with leather jackets and skater skirts, but this skirt just makes me happy! Thank god for the 80’s leather high waist everything! The fact that it checks all my boxes is an added bonus. The color, the length, the fabric! I’M SOLD! SHUT IT DOWN!


Skirt: Bought it from a Friend.(Similar Here)//Denim Shirt: Mr. Price.//Heels: Miss Kerre.(Similar Here and Here)//Bag: Gifted.(Similar Here and Here)//Sunnies: Stall in Town.// Choker,bracelets and Rings: stall in town.

Photography: Jared G Maina
However as much as I would want to wear this skirt every single day of my life, the weather, especially on those hot sunny days does not allow me to! It’s a really comfortable piece to wear, but you know how leather gets when the temperatures outside get too hot! You wouldn’t want to deal with the hot leather burning your skin all day, and sweating profusely like a fat man on a treadmill, It’s not a good look my friends! Oh, the fashion gods can be so cruel sometimes. But on the bright side, it makes my cold days look chic and stylish especially when paired with a nude turtle neck sweater,a camel/black trench coat and a pair of booties. That might actually be my next look. I promise you this skirt will be worn so many times than I’d like to fess up and I’ll make no apologies. It is pure perfection.



For this look, I paired it with a denim shirt which I got on sale at Mr. Pizzle (Mr. Price) a while back and the choice of shoes was decided totally on practicality(how far/long I could walk in them). I accessorized with a silver choker and chunky bracelets. I wanted to keep it as casual as possible.


So it’s Friday, and we hope you have a good one!

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about this look?

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.


The Twins

5 thoughts on “Leather and Denim

  1. wow l like most of ur post on instagram and the skirt luking lovely… would like to know if u have a fashion house where one can check out ur designs email me in my inbox…


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