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It’s Friday my good people! Time for another flashback post #fbf. Can you believe how quickly the week has flown by?! It’s ridiculous!

So,I wore this look a while back and I was starting to feel guilty for not sharing. I’ve confessed before about my ridiculous obsession with utility jackets on previous posts(See Here) and now I’m letting you in on another one of my guilty pleasures, SKATES! Some people call them Vans but they really aren’t all from the Vans company right? I prefer calling them Skates or Slip-On sneakers.

DSC03815Slip-On Sneakers: Mr. Price.// Ripped Jeans: Mr. Price.//

Tank Top: Thrifted.// Utility Jacket: Thrifted.//

Accessories: Dubois road.
I’ve been on the prowl for a pair since forever. After seeing many bloggers rocking them and talking about how comfortable they are and how they add a casual vibe to a chic look, I had to have a pair. The trend has been on since 2013, and I’ve recently just caught on; but you know how it is in Kenya, trends take forever to get here. It’s either you wait or shell out the big bucks for a decent pair.


I’ve been checking out my favorite blog I’m so in love with by the way)and I love how she always styles her skates(I want all if not most of her shoes, and basically everything she owns). Forgive my obvious fawning, but you can check out her blog to see what I’m talking about.
Anyways, I finally got my pair at Mr. Price but I’ve seen more pairs on online stores that I’m interested in.



I wore this look to my sister in law’s baby shower. My look was totally based on practicality. I paired some ripped jeans with a hi-low black tank top and an olive green jacket. Check out more pictures below.



DSC03813So how are you rocking your Slip-on sneakers?

Leave us a comment and cheers to the weekend!


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