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Happy humpday Readers!!!

I’ve been getting acquainted to the sweatshirt’s older, classier and more versatile cousin… THE SWEATER! Gone are the days when sweaters were only worn indoors, where no one important would see you wearing it, or when it got cold outside while you were playing and your mother had to make you wear something warm. Now it is actually stylish to wear a sweater outside without looking dorky, unless that’s the look you were going for initially.

cc10Sweater: Thrifted.//Skirt: Thrifted(Similar Here).//

Heels:Miss Kerre(Similar Here).//Clutch Purse:Betty’s(Similar Here).//

Necklace: Mr. Price.//

Accessories:Stall in Town.

Photography: Jared G. Maina




Times have definitely changed and the sweater is fast becoming a hot trend. The best part is they are no longer just snuggly for the cold days but can be worn on warm days too. But this only applies to light sweaters and cropped sweaters only. Different looks call for a different sweater. Try as much as possible to suit the top with the particular style you are going for, either formal or casual. Sweaters give off different looks. It can be classy, preppy, or a little bad ass. Sweaters have got a lot of character, offering you a variety of designs, patterns and colours to choose from. Check out my pairing of my green grid sweater, black faux leather skirt and pointed toe ankle strap heels for a chic formal look.





cc14Tell us what you love (or didn’t love) about the look.

Ta Ta lovelies!

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