Lips on Fleek


Happy Tuesday guys!

So this is not a beauty or make-up review, but just a simple look at what my sister and I are currently using on our lips. Our favorites so far are Sleek lip colours and Nouba Millebaci lip stains.

DSC04155To be honest, we were never ones to go out and buy lipstick. We actually started wearing lipstick a year ago; Still rookies when it comes to makeup too(Any good youtube link suggestions??). I remember my friend Mary handing me her lipstick to try on and I’m like,”I’m going to look so stupid in bright pink lipstick, I better not!” and she goes like,”trust me, when you start using lippies, you are never going to want to leave the house without wearing it.” Let’s just say, she’s the make-up whisperer(She told me the same thing about eye liner! Go figure!)

IMG_20150710_114720We have been experimenting with a lot of cheap brands, which we love because of how pocket friendly they are, until the day we read about lead poisoning from unauthentic lipstick! Yeah, that scared the hell out of us and we decided to invest in lipstick from well known popular brand. They may cost a little bit more, but at least we are assured that they have certified standards lol. Cheap is (almost) always expensive.

Our choice on what to buy was totally based on practicality and how long the lipstick stays on and from the reviews we’ve read from blogs like This Is Ess and Our Style Kenya and advice from our make-up guru Mary, we settled on Sleek lip colour in Matte and Nouba Millebaci.


When it comes to moisturizing our lips,Nivea and Labello lip balm and lip butter is always our go to!

c3220394695dfe278725d0905bfe085cAll this products are available locally except for maybe Labello but it’s basically by the same company.


DSC0410596018040-1Sleek Cream Lip Colour- Mystic(Matte): Nakumatt @ Ksh. 950


96068212Sleek Creme Lip Colour- Russian Roulette(Matte): Nakumatt @Ksh. 950



Nouba Millebaci-Ukay Centre Westlands was Ksh.1600 and now Ksh. 2000. I’m wearing Nouba No. 6 while the image showcases Nouba no. 46


Nivea Lip butter: available in all supermarkets @ Ksh. 280

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely week. You can check out more pics on our Instagram pages @karolmaina and @the_fashion_rehab


The Twins

So guys, What are you currently using on your lips?







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