Repeat Offender…

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Happy hump day loves!

It’s been a slow blogging stretch, but we are back with a little mix for the LBD(Little black dress). Seven ways to wear one dress! The same exact dress!! Can you imagine if you only had one dress in your closet to work with seven days a week. That is a dilemma no girl would ever want to deal with. But since we can’t all be Kim Kardashian with a gazillion black dresses to choose from, we have to make due and learn to create a new look with a dress over and over again. Necessity is the mother of invention after all right?

For this post, I went for a simple H&M T-shirt dress, although these looks could be pulled of  with any black dress. Let’s take a peek.

Ripped Jeans- PolyVore Edition

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Hey guys!The weekend is almost here and we have a fun way you can keep busy on the internet. POLYVORE! Here’s a look we featured a while back on the blog (SEE HERE). We love Polyvore and we think it’s a really nice way to put outfits together and create looks for fun and even for your own personal looks. We will be posting more polyvore sets from previous looks and for other fun looks that we put together (See Here and Here)

Blogger Crush!

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Happy new month to our faithful readers!

There’s always some place we all draw our inspiration from. I don’t think you’d get better at something if you didn’t already have someone that’s setting the pace for you. When it comes to fashion, our go to guide is definitely other blogs. There’s always something new to learn…from current trends that are all the rage in different seasons or the ‘IT’ thing bloggers are into at that particular moment. Locally, we are in love with Nancie Mwai, Anita Gaitho and Joy Kendi. Their style is definitely something we identify with and we draw a lot of inspiration from them. But today, we have decided to do a quick post on our favorite international bloggers who we’ve been following for the last, i don’t know…six years or so!

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Hey beautiful people!

We’ve been lurking through Instagram, Fashion blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for what to wear on the weekend for valentine’s. Not everyone has a date or is dating, we understand, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and jilted or depressed. dress the part and who knows, you might meet someone nice this weekend.

We came up with a set of outfits that may inspire an outfit for you this weekend,