How to rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(3)

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Hello there!!

Its a fabulous new week isn’t it! Recently,we’ve been keeping you posted on our thoughts about the 90’s revival trend that is Ripped jeans and today we feature the last of this look. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback on the latest features for this trend and all the love is quite overwhelming and very much appreciated. This trend is mostly associated with the rock n roll era, with bands such as the Ramones making it quite popular. 

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Hey beautiful people!

We’ve been lurking through Instagram, Fashion blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for what to wear on the weekend for valentine’s. Not everyone has a date or is dating, we understand, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and jilted or depressed. dress the part and who knows, you might meet someone nice this weekend.

We came up with a set of outfits that may inspire an outfit for you this weekend,

How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(1)

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Hey guys…

How’s Valentines week going for you!Well I hope its all unicorns and rainbows for all the love birds out there lol. Anyhu…however you plan to spend your valentine weekend stay trendy and chic.

Back to today’s post; we have all spotted this trend on our streets recently and its steadily on the rise with a myriad of styles emerging as time goes by. I have been caught up in this wave and the hardest part about it is not in styling my destroyed denim but explaining to my parents why I spend money on a pair of ‘worn out’ jeans (trust me its never easy),which they do not understand! This 90’s revival trend may ooze a bit of a rebellious feel to it, but if worn correctly it can be edgy, sophisticated and classy too which will definitely make you stand out. So here’s a cheat sheet on how to pull off the ripped denim look…


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A new year means new things right? Well, not necessarily in fashion! Some trends that made a mark in 2014 could easily see their way into this year. So don’t go throwing out all your clothes out just yet, here’s a roundup of what trends 2015 will have in store and what it will be borrowing from last year.

The ’90s Shirt Wrap Trend

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Wassup Everyone!
Grab your flannels, because grunge is back baby! Trends from the ’90s have been making their way across runways and street style from Crop tops, jelly shoes, high-waisted shorts, to beanies, and all that she-bang. And the latest? A button-down shirt tied around your waist. Think Chris Brown’s “Loyal” Video (Those dance moves give me life btw!).
Anyways, While flannel and plaid shirts are certainly at the forefront of the waist-tie comeback, other items like jackets (denim, leather, varsity), other types of button downs, and bulky sweatshirts are being used too.
The 90’s grunge trend typically involved wrapping plaid flannels around ripped jeans with either Doc. martens boots or a pair of converse trainers. But currently we’re seeing tied shirts paired with polished staples like heels, tailored shorts, or mini-dresses, lending sleeker outfits a singular casual touch.